• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We always hear, time and again, about the things that AREN’T covered by CT insurance, but very rarely do we hear about the items, instances, and events that ARE covered by CT insurance- especially when that type of insurance is your CT homeowners insurance.

Here are a handful of circumstances, that if they occurred to you, your family, or your home- would indeed be covered by your ct homeowners insurance.

Falling from the heavens- It’s under the clause of “open perils” which means you’ll get protection from objects that may fall from the sky.  These objects are open to interpretation though.

Crooks!  As a victim of a home break-in, it’s really an awful feeling knowing that someone has gone through your home and stolen from you.  It’s just a plain terrible feeling.  But in order to catch the bad guy, often times a reward may be posted for any tip or lead that could end up catching the culprit.  And, that’s right, you guessed it- your ct insurance may cover that cost for you.

Tombstone pranks.  These are really bad in terms of a ‘prank scale’ in my opinion.  And if it happens to one of your loved one’s headstone, that cost to fix or replace it can be covered by your CT home insurance. This includes if the stones are chipped, cracked, or need complete replacement.