• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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I’m sure we all have had run ins with animals and pets, whether they’re your own or a friends/ relatives.  Specifically referring to dogs here for the time being, they can really be lovable furry friends for anyone, but unfortunately, they can also be a liability for homeowners as well.  Almost HALF of all homes in America have a dog as a pet, and that means that HALF of all homes in America face addition liability risks.  And ct homeowners insurance customers are no different. All inclusive from last year’s claim data, almost half a BILLION dollars was paid out by carriers just due to dog bites! That’s a pretty staggering statistic if you ask me!

Now luckily for CT homeowners insurance customers, as well as pretty much any home insurance policy holder throughout the nation, dog bites are covered under the home’s liability clause, but just like any other facet of insurance, if a bite were to happen, you may see a spike on your premiums following Fido’s misstep.

And unfortunately, these missteps happen pretty frequently. About four and a half million people are bitten by a dog  every year, and almost a quarter of those individuals require some type of medical attention from the bite.  That’s why it’s a pretty significant factor that goes into ct homeowners insurance  policies. Like we previously stated, the total cost of all the claims are pretty high, and looking at them from an individual case basis doesn’t help matters.  The average cost of one dog bite claim was just over twenty-five thousand dollars… yup, you read that correctly.

So there’s a lot of food for thought in this blog, especially if you’re actually looking to add a dog to your family.  Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE animals here at Paradiso insurance (we have a lovable dog in our office!), but we just want people to understand how dogs MAY affect your ct homeowners insurance policy.  Here’s a heads up though, there are certain dog breeds out there that unfortunately have the data against them.  For example, Rottweilers and pit bulls have an uphill climb… there’s just no way around it unfortunately.