• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We all get insurance for the big stuff… at least we’re suppose to.  And when we mean ‘big stuff,’ we’re referring to our homes, our cars, possibly a boat, ATV, extra jewelry, and oh yes, your life as well!  But with all the insurance that we get, the funny part is with insurance (especially CT homeowners insurance) is that we purchase it in the hopes that we never have to use it… quite the product if you ask me!

But anyway, with ct insurance, there’s probably always the little thought in the back our minds about filing a claim, and the subsequent ramifications from it.  That’s why having a higher deductible contributes to a lower premium, and furthermore, should make you think twice about filing a claim for small incidents.

In fact, a new study has revealed the states in which your homeowners insurance increase the most (as a percentage) after only the first claim.  And which state is at the top of the list? Connecticut? Nope, it’s not us (although we’re very close to the top of the list unfortunately)- it’s Wyoming of all places! Take a look at the list of the top eight below:


Maybe we can do something about these ct homeowners insurance numbers!