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  • Post last modified:October 16, 2020
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Our mission is to provide homeowners with advice on buying home insurance. That’s why we educate each of our customers that it’s not always about buying the cheapest policy; but rather, we’re hunting for the BEST coverage. Homeowner insurance rates are calculated by a variety of variables, and many are under your influence. Making a few good choices will give you the protection you need and save you money.  

The following suggestions will go a long way to preserving your home and your contentment.

Get the facts

When you buy a home, collect all possible details to assess the possible insurance rates. The age of electrical, plumbing, and other systems inside the house, as well as the building materials used in the structure, can affect your policies. For instance, masonry homes may offer insurance price cuts, particularly in parts of the country vulnerable to house fires, but the same masonry houses may be much more costly to protect against earthquake destruction.

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Be aware of the geography

The insurance rates and coverage choice may have a huge impact on the location of the house. Homeowners are expected to pay extra for protection in regions vulnerable to extreme weather and natural hazards. Your premiums can also be influenced by the area you pick. For example, homes near a fire department may cost less to insure than those which the emergency vehicles may have trouble finding.

Know how much is enough  

Because the cost of construction materials has increased in recent years, it may cost more than market value to restore an older home. And if you’ve renovated or upgraded your house, your insurance policy should be adjusted to reflect the expected rise in the cost of your house. Expanding your insurance coverage would increase your average rates, but it might save plenty of money in the long term if a substantial claim is needed.

Float your way to complete coverage 

While the typical homeowner’s insurance would protect the framework of your house and some of your personal belongings, it does not include complete coverage of high-value assets, such as jewelry. If you have unique products on which the price passes the insurance cap, you can opt to add a “personal articles floater” to ensure the most valued belongings on their existing market value or recent worth.

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Keep your records current.

If you have to make a large insurance claim, providing up-to-date descriptions of the belongings as well as the general state of your house can be helpful through the claims process. Any modifications undertaken after you moved in should be communicated to your insurance provider.

It is necessary to provide an archive of your possessions, showing how much you paid for each item as well as its current value along with videos or photos. The document can help evaluate your coverage needs and can also act as your proof of possession if an accident happens, allowing the insurance provider to calculate your payout. If you have our mobile app, you can create a home inventory right through your phone! 

The Takeaway

At Paradiso Insurance, we aim to serve you best by helping you find the best coverage at the best rate. We care for you, your safety, and your well-being before all else.  If you have any questions on your current homeowner’s policy or if you are looking to get a quote on a new homeowners policy, give us a call at 860-684-5270 and our licensed agents would be happy to help you today!