• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As we kick the holiday season into full gear, there are numerous thoughts that cross our mind every day- when is that office party again? Do I have to make anything for the kids’ Christmas party? Are all cousins accounted for on the gift list?

It’s really endless if you stop and think about it.  But one of the things that we probably don’t think about during this time of the year is ct homeowner insurance.  Now while I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t think about it either around this time, but after I read some of these holiday scenarios listed below, I know I’ll be thinking about it more and more, that’s for sure!

So for today and tomorrow, we are going to discuss some holiday scenarios that you may (unfortunately) find yourself in, and subsequently wonder as to if you’re covered under your CT homeowner insurance.

1) Your attempt to roast some Chestnuts like Bing Crosby ends up burning down half the house.  Well, first of- that’s a pretty extreme scenario to start with, but whatever.  If you find yourself in this particular situation, rest assured that your ct homeowners insurance will have you covered, because it’s a pretty cut and dry case of damage from fire.

2) All of those beautiful Christmas lights outside that adorn your trees suddenly short-circuit, ignite, and burn the trees and remaining bushes to the ground.  Yup, you’re covered for this as well.

3) During your Christmas Open House, a guest leaves the back door open and lets in a squirrel which in turn runs rampant throughout the home with the house cat hot on its tail- causing damage to some precious belongings.  Well, as wild as this scenario sounds, it’s more than likely happened before… HOWEVER it’s not covered by your home insurance policy. Maybe you can somehow get that guest who’s fault it is in the first place to pay for some of the damage.  Good luck though.

Come back tomorrow and we’ll have even more holiday scenarios!