• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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When you’re in the insurance industry, namely CT homeowners insurance, data matters-  A LOT.  It’s what we base a vast majority of our business on.  So when new data and new reports arise, it’s always a great day!!

With that in mind, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has just released its report regarding 2012 Homeowners Insurance data.  It depicts how the market is doing and what it’s doing, as well as a well documented cost analyses.

Now we have decided to give you all a high-level, basic version of the report itself, but if you want the entire report, it’s available on the NAIC website.  Below are some bullet points of key statistics:

  • Homeowners owner-occupied policy exposures counted for almost eighty percent of all nationwide exposures.
  • Renters insurance policies were about twenty-two percent of the total amount, but only two percent was made up of dwelling fire.
  • Over half of all the policies sold in the nation’s capital- Washington, D.C.- were renters policies.  What does that mean? Well, it’s a pretty good indicator of increased urbanization going on.

Come back tomorrow when we give you even more statistics to fuel your data drive!