Model HomeThere perhaps isn’t an insurance policy that exists that requires more research and time than a CT homeowners insurance policy.  Why? Well think about all of the factors that go into a home’s insurance policy.  Every home is unique and different obviously, and furthermore, every homeowner is different.  Now that’s a broad explanation for such a unique insurance policy, but we think you get what we’re talking about.

So for today and tomorrow, we’d like to discuss with you some tips that you can incorporate when looking for CT homeowners insurance either as a first time homeowner, or someone who is looking to re-up and try to get better coverage from their existing policy.

1. Perpare yourself and your home as much as possible to avoid a claim.  Aside from the obvious reasons, a home claim is usually pretty expensive and time consuming, so by taking the precautions to avoid one as much as possible will give you needed peace of mind.

2. Shopping around and researching.  If you’ve kept up with this blog in the past, then you know we were going to say this one! Comparing coverages in order to get the best price is one of the smartest things a homeowner can do.

3.  Read the fine print and now what the limits are.  During these summer months, thunderstorms are bound to happen, so understanding what damages are (and are not) covered is a smart call.  For example, your insurer will cover the damage to your car if a tree falls onto it, but the coverage probably won’t pay for the cost to get rid of the tree itself.  See what we’re talking about? Be in the know!

Come back tomorrow when we discuss numbers 4-6!