New yellow house

Purchasing a home can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if it’s the first one you’ve ever purchased.  For many of us, it’s probably one of the biggest investments we’ll ever make, so making sure that all your bases are covered is vital to your family’s financial future and success.  But as long as you do your homework and know what to look for, you’ll be all right.  Remember though, don’t forget about your CT homeowners insurance! It can end up saving you big time!

Continuing on from yesterday’s discussion, below are the remaining tips for the first time buyers.

  1. Estimate your future expenses. Once you have the amount of house that you can afford all set, you can then gauge your overall budget in better detail.  Remember, you have to pay taxes, closing costs, and, of course, CT homeowners insurance.
  2. Chose your loan intelligently. Depending on your situation, fixed or variable mortgages are available, but again, make sure it’s right for you.  Just a heads up… most go with the fixed, especially now when it’s so low.
  3. Get serious. Get pre approved for a mortgage before you go shopping, this way you’ll have that taken care off and can possibly use it as a negotiating tool.
  4. Find the right Realtor for you . Search for one who has a good standing history in the neighborhood or town that you’re looking to move to.  Once that’s taken care of, ask them questions like their techniques for finding good buys or handling a bid battle with another potential buyer.

So there you have it folks! The best eight tips we could find for first time home buyers.  We hope the process is as stress-free and rewarding as possible, and that you end up in the house of your dreams.  Just make sure that dream house is covered with CT homeowners insurance!