• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We often hear about how critical it is for a successful financial future to have a solid  credit score.  The entire modern economy is based off of credit (hence why we came so close to the brink way back in 2008 because all of a sudden no bank wanted to lend money to anyone), so by having a good credit score can and will open doors for you, your spouse, and your family.  So many things depend on how good (or bad) your credit score is, and CT homeowners insurance is one of those things.

people walking on beachIt’s been found, throughout the greater United States, that having a lower credit score can hurt you significantly when not only trying to secure a loan (that’s a given), but also with trying to get reasonable ct homeowners insurance premiums. Here’s a startling fact: those who have poor credit ratings pay, on average,  ninety-one percent more on their homeowners insurance policy than homeowners who have good or great credit. What if you’re in the middle of the pack though- you have ‘O.K.’ credit but not great? Well, average reports tell us the increase is twenty-nine percent more.

So what then goes into insurance providers’ decision when a customer has poor credit? Well, there’s actually proof to back up the hike in price.  People with good or great credit are at less risk of a ct homeowners insurance claim because, chances are, if they are more responsible with their finances, they are probably more responsible in other walks of life.

That’s why, every now and then, we will discuss ways to save money and lower debt, without mentioning ct homeowners insurance! Because either way, whether we mention it or not, it somehow, one way or another, comes back to insurance! We want our customers, our partners, and our friends to live good and healthy lives, and without the stress and anxiety that comes with things like poor credit, you can focus more on the stuff that you take joy in… whether that’s your family, a vacation, or adventure!