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Life is uncertain, and it’s in those times you want to be sure you can access vital information no matter where you are. Even stuck at home. Have you ever needed proof of your homeowner’s insurance for a loan or other business matter, and needed it right then? Or been in an auto accident only to discover you left your auto id card on your desk, yikes! We know and understand the frustration that is why we created a mobile app for our clients. 

What Can Our Mobile App Do for You?

Well, first of all, it keeps track of your valuables. Taking an inventory of all that is important to you now will save you lots of trouble later. Our app allows you to add your home policy, as well as inventory and any valuables in it.

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Secondly, as mentioned up above, it seems we always need an id card when we don’t have it readily available. Our mobile app is the perfect place to store a front and back copy of your id card so you always have it in the palm of your hand.

Additionally, the Auto tab allows you to type in information such as your license plate number, your policy number, the vehicle VIN number, and other important information regarding your car and insurance policy. Even better, this app can legally be used during a traffic stop or accident, just let the officer and other parties know you have your cards stored digitally and tap the Auto tab to open it.

Screenshot of where to upload ID card in our mobile app

When the Going Gets Tough 

Our job is to protect our clients. So why not make life easier for them to?

Accidents are an unfortunate and often stressful event that can happen to someone. Additionally, they become more prevalent with inclement winter weather, drunk drivers coming back from holiday parties, and the increase of travel during the holidays. If you ever find yourself in a vehicle accident and you have our app, you’re always covered. Through the Accident tab, you can tap to call 911, send a tow truck, report your location, and even document what happened.

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When you tap “Create an Accident Report” under the Accident tab you’re able to store notes, pictures, information of all parties involved, police information, and witnesses. Additionally, when you create a new report, the app will report your exact location. The time and date are also recorded the time of the incident (just make sure your phone has the location settings turned on). This not only makes it beneficial on your behalf but easier for our agents to assist you in times of need. Plus, this can help you in tricky situations where police may not be able to assist you such as private property like a store owned parking lot.

Screenshot of where and what to input accident information in our mobile app

The Takeaway

Of course, this may all sound beneficial however, you may be asking, “Well what happens if my phone is stolen, breaks, or is lost? If everything is digital and stored on my phone and I no longer have my phone, then all my critical and personal information is lost.”

Not true. Our agency makes sure everything is securely stored in the cloud.

So, say in the unfortunate incident you no longer have your phone, we’ll still have all the information you uploaded to our app. With our app, you’ll be protected no matter where you are or what situation you’re in.

iPhone users can download our app here:

Android users can download our app here:

Do you have any questions about our insurance agency’s app? Let us know in the comments below or give us a call!

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