• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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A recent article published in a major newspaper has given a rather surprising ranking referring to homeowners insurance.  What we mean is that many places in throughout the country are better or worse for home insurance, just like there are cars that are better and worse for auto insurance.  Just think about CT homeowners insurance– it’s cheaper if you live inland than if you live on the coast because of the threat of hurricanes and storm surges. And that’s just what this new ranking is referring to- Detroit, yes that Detroit was ranked as the safest place in the United States for home insurance.

Model HomeWait a minute though, Detroit, as in one of the most economically depressed and crime-riddled cities in the country is somehow the safest for homeowners? Well, what they’re referring to isn’t crime, it’s weather! Ah, they can be tricky, that’s for sure! That’s right, Detroit was ranked as the safest area in the country against natural disasters or other weather that causes home insurance claims.

And if you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense, because you never hear about a hurricane or tornado up there, and yes they get some nasty winter weather up there, but not like other regions of the country.

So that’s why homeowners in Detroit are in the safest area of the country against natural disasters.  Now it probably doesn’t make up for the city’s crime rates, but it probably makes homeowners sleep just a little better at night, especially during the summer months when these weather disasters are more likely to occur.