• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We all know that paying four dollars for a gallon of gas is ridiculous, but this is the current state of affairs.  This outrageous pain at the pump is significantly impacting families everywhere, so learning how to save money whichever way they can is essential.  Luckily for you, we have some tips that can have you saving money at the pump and on your CT auto insurance.

First let’s discuss saving on gas.  We know how much you drive. Whether it’s back and forth to the office, dropping the kids off at school, or shuttling them and their friends to practice, you drive quite frequently.  And when gas prices increase, your money seems to quickly disappear.  Now especially after Hurricane Isaac, gas has risen back over four dollars and signs of it coming down don’t seem likely.  Here’s some interesting news for you regarding purchasing fuel:

– Out of all the cars in the United States, only around five percent of them require premium fuel, but surprisingly, twenty percent of all gas sold in America is premium fuel.

-Make sure that your owner’s manual specifically states that your vehicle NEEDS premium fuel.  As a matter of fact, you may be causing damage to your car as opposed to helping it.

-Here’s the best news of the day: by purchasing gasoline at a discount store or warehouse club like Costco or Sam’s Club, you could save as much as fifteen cents per gallon!

So then how do you save on CT auto insurance? Well that’s an even easier answer… simply call  Paradiso Insurance! Our staff are the very best at saving you the money that belongs in your bank account! You’ll receive the very best coverage and customer service, without the sacrifice of high prices.  Give us a call today or stop down to see us at 8 East Main Street, Stafford Springs, Connecticut!