• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Throw the news on recently and you’ll more than likely see multiple instances of storm damage, fire, or other types of natural occurrences that are in some way or another effecting someone’s homeowners insurance coverage.  Luckily,Connecticut homeowners really haven’t had anything major this year to worry about,  but I think we received our fill last October on the shore from Sandy.

Nevertheless, a storm or other type of natural disaster (we’re still in hurricane season people) could really set you back if you don’t have very good Connecticut homeowners insurance coverage. But even if you do have excellent coverage,there are some instances that will not be covered by a standard homeowners policy. So what to do then? Well simply invest in extra, more specific coverage.  So then you’re next question is probably this: what needs extra coverage?

Well I’m glad you asked!  Today we’re going to discuss three hazards that will not be covered by your standard Connecticut homeowners insurance policy and required additional coverage.  Then tomorrow, we’ll reveal three more hazards that aren’t included either.


Mold is never a good thing, no matter what form it’s in or where it’s located. It can do a number on your respiratory system and can cause other serious health issues. Typically, a standard home policy will not cover mold damage, as it’s an indication of excess moisture in your home and tends to reveal a homeowner who isn’t taking care of the home.

Sewer backup

Lots of rain can put added wear and tear on the sewer lines, especially if they’re old, and that’s a distinct possibility here in Stafford Springs.Luckily for you, added coverage for this type of damage is relatively cheap.  When you add this coverage, it’s only about forty bucks a year.


Ah, sinkholes, we meet again! Seems like every few months now we here about another sinkhole.  As freaky as they are, we’re pretty safe herein Connecticut, as they’re more prone to occurring in southern states, but never say never!  Now if you lived in Florida, then this coverage would be included in your homeowners policy, but in Connecticut, it isn’t.  So that’s why you need to look into additional coverage if it’s something you want.

Stick around for tomorrow as we’ll discuss another three storm causes that aren’t covered under your standard Connecticut homeowners insurance policy!