Yesterday’s blog began our two day discussion on how to get the most out of your CT homeowners insurance while paying the best price for it.  Without any further introduction, we’ll simply continue on with our list:

6. Prepare your house for all that Mother Nature can throw at it

It seems as though no matter when you turn the news on, there is a new natural disaster in some part of the United States.  If it isn’t a wild fire, it’s a mudslide or torrnado.  You really have no clue when something may happen, but you can be preparred, especially with how your home is cared for, both on the inside and out.  Now in terms of premiums, your preparedness probably won’t do much, but in the event of a claim, it could mean thousands in savings.  Things like high-wind resistant glass or doors can save you big time on CT homeowners insurance claims related to tropical storms or hurricanes.

7. Securing your home from break-ins

Home security systems can at first seem expensive on the surface, but the savings you could see on your CT home insurance are significant. In addition to the security system, updated locks or motion-detection lighting are other ways to make your home safer for your family and in the eyes of your CT insurance agency as well.

8. Spend wisely on your other expenses.

Just because your personal spending may have nothing to do with your insurance, your credit score certainly does, as it’s a pretty darn good estimate of how financially aware and secure you are, thus being a far better candidate for lower premiums than someone who has maxed out credit cards several times.

9. Buy cheaper!

Yes, we’ll just come out and say it- do you really need that big house? Because along with the cost of simply owning the home and maintaining it, the cost to insure it is simply going to be more than if the home was smaller.  So if you’re in the market for a new home, think about EVERY cost that goes into owning the home.

10. Compare for your location

What’s that saying we’ve all heard before? Oh right, ” location, location, location!” Not only does it have to do with real estate, but it has to do with CT home insurance as well!  Simply put, you’re probably going to pay more for home isnurance if your home borders a not-so-safe neighborhood, whereas if you live in a gated community, then you may pay less.  Insurance doesn’t play favorites, it simply plays the facts.