• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Insurance

Yesterday we began a great discussion on a few storm-related hazards that unfortunately aren’t covered by a standard homeowners policy. Today, we’re still going to focus on some events that aren’t covered, but today instead we’re going to focus a bit more on the events that you can easily prevent, and those you can’t.

Termite infestation

These critters will do a number on your home.  Their large appetites for all things wooden can leave your home’s infrastructure severely damaged and in need of repair (or worse: complete replacement). Unfortunately, a Connecticut homeowners insurance policy won’t cover you for this type of damage because this is a problem that is pretty avoidable.  Make sure your home is moisture free and have annual checks by a professional.

Nuclear plant accidents

Plain and simple, if you live near a nuclear power plant, damage to your home in the event of a disaster at the plant isn’t covered by your home’s insurance policy.  But have no fear though.  Under a law passed way back in the late fifties, you will be compensated for this event if it does occur.  Think of it like a policy that you don’t have to pay premiums for. Pretty sweet right?!

Acts of terrorism

Unfortunately, you can’t deny the real threat of this today.  With the anniversary of 9/11 last week, and the recent events at the Boston Marathon,you can’t help but have a thought in the back of your mind about terrorism herein America. If an act of terrorism is biological let’s say, unfortunately your home’s policy doesn’t cover the damage, because there’s basically no way to gauge the risk.  Now, say an explosion occurs and your home catches fire, then the fire damage will be covered.

Now I realize this wasn’t the most positive of blog posts that we’ve ever written, but it can’t hurt to always be in the know! Knowledge is power as they say, and have the most knowledge about your Connecticut Insurancecoverage can only help you in life’s journey.  So give us a call today if you have a policy question!