• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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In-case you didn’t hear, we recently did some redecorating! This has inspired us to share some office decorating tips with you to make your clients feel at home, at ease, and in good hands.

Comfort of Home:

While decorating your office it is important that it not only looks presentable but it has the comforts of a home. Instead of  decorating the office with generic plastic chairs, consider furniture pieces  that are less intimidating; such as a couch or lounge chair. Also, choose the wall colors wisely. For example, a beige or sage green color can give a tranquil feel for you and the customer, which can make you both feel more at ease. Don’t forget to keep things interesting with welcoming decals and pictures, nobody wants to look at a blank wall! Adding to the walls can complement your chosen colors as well as allow you to express the character of your office.

Impress with an Impression:

Ask yourself: What does your business stand for? What are some values that have formed the culture of your office as it is today? Use the answers to these questions to fuel your decorating! For example, here at Paradiso Insurance we take great pride in our country. This is why you can always find something patriotic in our office. We also stand for serving the community and our customers, which we showcase with our framed Paradiso Promise as well as awards we have received for our contributions to the community.

Remember to Stay Organized:

You’ve spent all this time decorating your beautiful office, so don’t let clutter distract from all of your hard work!  Leaving clutter will not only clash with your new decor, it’s also a bad look and may have a client thinking twice about doing business with you! Have fun with your organizing and compliment your new look with a DIY project!

We love sharing ideas, and we hope these office decorating ideas come in handy for you! Does your office decor seriously rock? Share your pictures with us on Facebook!