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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Getting to know our customers is part of who we are. When you do business with us, you are treated like family, which means we take the time to get to know you. Today we’d like to celebrate Get to Know Your Customers Day by recognizing the ways in which we get to know you!

When you buy insurance through us…our promise to you is that we listen to you with undivided attention as we identify your options and make sure you understand them. As we listen carefully we learn about what is important to you, and what challenges you face. Knowing these things helps us meet your individual needs. As time goes by we may also get to know your friends and family. For example, you may refer us to a friend after being blown away by our service and the value we provide you. Furthermore, if you need to add someone to your policy we will get to know them down the line, too! When you shop for insurance through us, it’s an experience, not just a purchase!

When you give us feedback… it doesn’t end there. Every week we take the time to review feedback you have given us. Whether you are a new customer, filing a claim, or are coming up for renewal, we read every single response to the surveys you take. We take your feedback very seriously and use them to make sure we continue to meet your needs. Reading through your responses helps us understand your experience with us, and learn about the things that matter most to you!

When we celebrate…we celebrate with everyone! This year and every year we open our doors to the entire community for events such as Flag Week. During the entire week we hand out replacement american flags for anyone who comes in. On the Friday before the official Flag Day we invite everyone to our agency barbeque. We also hold a collection for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s annual Reverse Trick or Treat. During this time donations can be dropped off at our agency for the children on Halloween. Being involved with our community in these ways allows us to communicate with and get to know you better!

Being an independent agent means that we don’t work for one insurance company, we represent many! This means that when you buy insurance through us, we are truly looking out for your needs, which is why getting to know you is so important to us! After all, you are the reason we are able to put food on our tables, so it just makes sense!