• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Cell Phones have changed our world enormously in the past decade, but are we changing with them?   To avoid being disrespectful, it is important to know when you should and should not use your cell phone. Here are some cell phone courtesy tips for using your phone in public and work environments.

Cell phone courtesy in public:

  • Stay Calm

When you are in a public place such as a restaurant, grocery store, or the gym, it is important to keep your cool when on the phone. Try not to get angry or frustrated with the person on the other end because it not only makes you look bad, but it can make those around you uncomfortable. Simply tell them that you will talk to them about this matter later or go into another area where you are isolated.

  • Avoid Cell Yelling.

Some people tend to talk louder when they are on the phone. There is no need to yell and it is very distracting to others around you. So, try to keep a normal tone. Don’t worry, the recipient can still hear you.

  • Stick to the Rules and Regulations.

If you are at a place that prohibits the use of cellphones you should abide by their rules. It could interfere with technology or distract the workers. If any signs are posted, or instructions are given, it is only courteous that you follow those regulations and put your phone away.

Cell phone courtesy at work:

  • Keep your phone off

While at work you should be “all there” giving your job your full attention, without any distractions. It is very unprofessional to pick up your phone and answer a friendly phone call while in a working environment. So, it is easiest to turn your phone completely off so you aren’t tempted to look at it throughout your work day.

  • Inform your surroundings.

There are times when you may be expecting an important phone call that will run into your work hours. Always inform your boss and coworkers to avoid any misunderstanding when you have to take your important call. Communication is key to a smooth running office, the more people know what is going on, the less assumptions they have to make!

As technology evolves, so do our responsibilities.. Always keep your surroundings in mind and always be respectful of them. Next time your cell phone rings, think about your surroundings. Will you take a chance at being careless and rude, or will you remember these cell phone courtesy tips?