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Halloween is an exciting time of the year. A day for children to transform into their favorite characters and collect goodies throughout the neighborhood! With all this excitement, it can be easy to forget about safety. We want to make sure safety is just as much a priority as getting your costumes this Halloween. Keep reading for important Halloween safety tips that would be scary to forget!

Style with Safety

Of course everyone wants an awesome costume, but don’t let safety slip your mind when choosing one! Fire resistant and bright costumes are ideal for trick or treat safety. It is also important to make sure costumes fit properly to prevent accidents like tripping and falling! If a face mask is part of a costume make sure that it doesn’t obstruct your child’s view. Remember your range of vision and safety is more important than how you look!

Light it up!

The later it gets, the darker it gets, and this can make it much harder to see. Don’t leave the house without a flashlight, glow stick, or battery powered candle, this will help avoid running into things that may be hiding in the shadows! Be prepared with extra batteries as well. We strongly recommend that you use these sources of light over regular candles, which can most definitely pose a safety threat! Also keep an eye out for regular candles used as decorations to make sure your trick or treaters don’t get too close.

Travel Together

Trick-or-treat as a group, and keep it that way. If even one person get’s lost your trick-or-treating will quickly turn into a worrisome hunt for your missing friend! Don’t let this happen. Make sure group rules are discussed before you head out on the street to avoid any misunderstanding. It is also important that you never venture into neighborhoods you are unfamiliar with. Remember, you are approaching peoples homes, so stick to the areas that you know the best! It is also a smart idea to check your town’s list of sex offenders/ criminals and avoid visiting those houses.

Use Sidewalks and Crosswalks

Don’t treat Halloween night any different than using the street any other day. It is not safe to assume that cars will see you just because it is Halloween, so use sidewalks and crosswalks when available. Make sure this is communicated to everyone you are trick-or-treating with so there is no confusion.

Take Extra Precautions

You and your family can never be “too safe” on Halloween. Take extra precaution by giving children an emergency ID. This can be easily done by attaching a tag to their candy bag or costume. You can also write contact information right on their hand or arm. Another additional precaution you should take is inspecting candy. Remove any candy that seems tampered with before digging into Halloween treats!

We want you and your family to have a happy and safe halloween. We hope you use our tips to make sure of that. Send us your halloween pictures on Facebook, we’d love to see them!

Now that you know what to look out for have a great and spooky night! If you follow these simple tips it will make you feel better and safer than last year. If these tips have helped you in anyway give us feedback!