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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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April is “Workplace Conflict Awareness Month” and we’d like to share with you ways that we avoid conflict here in our office. A positive office atmosphere is key to providing our customers with the best possible experience. It’s important to us that things are running smoothly so we can do just that! So, how do we keep the peace? We’ll let you in on a few of our secrets…

Teamwork & Planning

Initially, this may seem to you like an obvious way to keep the peace. However, when it comes to teamwork and planning here at Paradiso Insurance, we like to get creative. Here at the office we have taken teamwork to a whole new level. One way we do this is by shared incentives. For example, an objective for our marketing team is also an objective for our personal lines staff. This is because each department has it’s own unique approach at conquering this goal, and when everyone works together, the chances of us hitting this goal greatly increases!

Time Together

The time we spend together as a team reaches beyond simply being in the same office. We hold “potlucks” throughout the year in which everyone brings in food and we enjoy it all together during lunchtime. Another way we spend time together is during events and charity work, like Flag Day and feeding the homeless. Bonding outside of the everyday work flow is important because it gives us a chance to get to know eachother better. When we start to learn more about each other we are able to better understand one another, which keeps conflict away.


Communication is key, and it also makes things a whole lot easier! Communication for us isn’t just talking. We communicate through calendars, computers, and buzzing each other on the phone! On our calendar you will find our “late days” as well as “days off” so we know when to be expecting each other in the office. And anytime we need help we send emails or phone a friend! All of these ways of communicating minimizes confusion and keeps our office going in the right direction.

Problem Solving

Okay- so we’re not perfect, and that’s okay! When we do run into problems with each other we have a special formula that the boss likes us to follow. Luckily for us he is there when we need him along with his upbeat attitude and motivational personality. If we have a problem we must approach him with 3 ideas for a solution. This helps us stay proactive when it comes to problem solving, and the issue gets resolved much quicker! Good thinking boss!  

Our Shared Promise

Our Promises to You also helps us avoid workplace conflict. Since our entire agency is dedicated to these promises, we know that all of our clients are being treated with them in mind. We can work with ease knowing each person that steps into our agency is getting our very own Paradiso Promise treatment!

So far, all of the above has kept any potential conflict at our office at bay. What does your Connecticut business do to avoid workplace conflict? Comment below or share your tips with us on Facebook!