• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well this is second day in a row of snow falling from the sky, so it seems as though winter is knocking quite closely at the door.  While we have all put out flip flops and shorts away for the season and brought out the sweaters and flannels, the time is now to get ready for summer- your summer beach body that is!

It’s quite amusing to see people who decide to hit the gym a month before summer begins in hopes of looking great when the sun and sand are plentiful.  You’re not going to have that look you want from only a month of healthy eating and exercise! It’s gotta start at a time like now!  Now not only will this initiative have you working out and dieting earlier than you’d planned, but it will also pay dividends for your overall health as well- especially for your CT heath insurance!

Now you may say “hey, it’s the holiday season, this is literally the hardest point of the year to eat healthy.” And you know what, you’re absolutely right.  But you have to trust us on this… the harder the challenge, the more rewarding the end prize.  Just think about it- you would feel absolutely awesome when you resist the Christmas cookie, replace it for a healthy alternative, and do that extra rep at the gym.

So start that diet and exercise routine now and not later.  The longer you wait, the longer your goal is going to keep getting away from you.  Remember all of the benefits to do this, even if CT health insurance isn’t at the top of the list!