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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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If you have middle or high schoolers in the household, it can be a bit of a struggle to keep them occupied when they’re on summer vacation. So, if your teen has a bit of extra free time on their hands, here are some great ways to keep them busy all season long.


Giving back is great for all, so encourage your teen to get involved in volunteer work. Volunteer experience is a great way to to have your teen give back this summer while also keeping them safely busy out of the home.

senior-citizenCommunity centers, such as libraries, museums, historical societies, senior centers, and food banks play an important role in every community. However, these places often do not have the budget to hire full time employees, and therefore, are always looking for volunteers to help out with duties. Helping out at a local animal shelter or farm is a great experience if your teen has a passion for animals or is considering working in the agricultural field when they get older.

Additionally, even if your teen isn’t being paid for their services, they can still build valuable skills that will prepare them for the real world out of school. Plus, volunteer work looks great on any resume!


Many community centers offer free programs to younger children and seniors in need of tutoring. Educational services can range from computer literacy to basic math skills, and many who lack certain skills may struggle find employment or housing. Therefore, if your teen is highly skilled in something, why not have them assist others who could benefit from their expertise? It will be rewarding to them and the others they help. Tutoring hours can range from week to week, but remind your teen to be flexible and patient with the needs of others.


Summer Employment

Baby or pet sitting are great ways to have your teens become a bit more financially independent. Family members, friends, and even your neighbors may need someone to watch their homes while they’re away, so this is a great way for your teen to earn a few extra dollars this summer.

Plus, people today are busier than ever and may not be able to complete the tasks they’d like to during the workweek – this is especially true for older adults. Therefore, offering help with yard or house work is a great opportunity for young adults. House or yard work may be bigger tasks, but this is a great way for your teen to learn how to market their skills and if they do a good enough job, people may ask them to come back regularly for more help every year.

Moreover, if your teen is of age to start their first job (typically 15-16 years old), encourage them to go after rewarding work such as, a summer camp supervisor or hospital assistant. However, before they apply, they will need to obtain working papers from their local school district. This is to ensure minors aren’t exposed to hazardous or dangerous conditions, and that hours do not interfere with their education.

So, before the summer ends get your teen on the right path to success by putting their time into something positive for all.

Is anyone in your household enrolled in any volunteer programs in your community? We’d love to hear about what they’re doing this summer in the comments below.