• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It’s a priority of ours here at Paradiso Insurance to make sure that all of our clients and customers are as safe as possible.  Whether it’s a security system for a home, extra airbags for your new car, or training for new employees. Taking the necessary steps to ensuring the safest environment as possible is key to the low CT insurance premiums that will provide the best coverage.

As we’ve discussed last week, safety in the work place is very important as well.  Making your office or work site a safe place for your employees will not only give you and them the peace of mind in knowing they will be alright while working, but it will also lower risk of filing a Connecticut workers comp claim.  We listed some ways to make your office safer in our other blog last Friday, but today we’re going to provide you even more ways to ensure a safe and healthy work space for you and your employees.

  • Make sure all appliances, especially computers, are hooked up properly and will not cause an electric shock or create a fire easily.
  • This sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people don’t do this: use the hand rails on stairs! You’d be amazed how many falls those things save!
  • and another thing about stairs… don’t use the stairwells as storage space, you’re just asking for someone to trip, fall, and injure. 
  • Blind corners in the office? Install convex mirrors in the corners so people can see if someone’s coming around the corner.  This is especially true if one employee is carrying something like paperwork, a cup of coffee, or something sharp like a letter opener or scissors.
  • Ensure that every single employee is knowledgeable about the building’s fire escapes and emergency exits and routes.  Have a quiz if you want! Make sure they know the procedure by heart!
  • Every now and then, do a quick walk through of the office and try to find anything that could pose a threat to you and your employees.  We’re not saying you have to be a fire marshal every single day, but maybe every month just take a couple minutes to walk through the office and see if anything can be modified, fixed or removed that could better ensure the safety of those working. 

Hopefully these tips will help you and your employees stay safe while at the office or work site.  Remember, those employees that feel safe at their place of employment will probably be more productive, just common sense.  If you have any more questions about Connecticut workers comp coverage, give us a call today!