• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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So as we experience some well deserved heat today, it reminds us of summer that’s quickly approaching.  And what’s summer without cookouts, outdoor sports, and trips to the beach? Well if you’re a parent of a teenage son or daughter who’s recently received their license, then they’ll be doing all of these summer activities on their own, and that probably has you a little worried.

Driving for the first time is definitely a feeling of freedom and independence, as you now have the ability to go wherever you please, without having to ask mom, dad, or an older sibling for a ride.  But with this new found freedom comes significant responsibility, and moreover, inexperience.  Teen drivers can become distracted rather easily, especially if they’re driving a car load of friends down to the beach for the day, or to their local high school’s playoff baseball game across the state.

As a parent, you worry that they’ll make it to their destination and back home safely- that’s just a natural effect of having children.  Furthermore, if your teen gets into a minor accident which is their fault, then you could be looking at some expenses that need to be paid out for any damages caused- that is, if you don’t have very good CT auto insurance.

But if you’ve chosen the right independent insurance agency, like Paradiso Insurance, then you can rest assured that your son or daughter will have the insurance protection needed in case an accident were to occur. Hopefully that never happens, but if it were to occur, then you can be certain that our insurance experts will handle your claim swiftly and efficiently.  Give us a call regarding any CT auto insurance questions you may have, but other than that, enjoy the warm weather!