• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well we’ve finally come to the end of this week’s story, in which we describe to you the best ways that you can properly prepare your car for winter, since fall is now here.  You’re probably wondering why we’re already talking about winter when it’s only the first week of autumn, but trust us, now is the time to winterize your car, because let’s bring you back to last year, mid-October.

You remember last October right? We’re talking about the snow storm that came through the southern part of New England and left many without power for almost a week! Just imagine the CT insurance claims that came out of this storm, whether for homes, cars, or other things that may have been damaged.  And it was only the third week in October! So this is why we’re trying to stress to our readers that NOW is the time to prep your car for winter, because you just never know when the flakes are going to fly.  

So here’s the last few things that you should do to properly prepare your car for the winter that will be here before you know it:

-Treating your windshield and the wipers.  This can easily be overlooked during the winter when everyone is focusing on snow tires and your car’s heater.  But if you cannot see properly out of your windshield, you’re not going anywhere! Make sure that your windshield washer fluid is filled and is also the correct kind in order to fight off the dirt, sand, salt and anything else that gets kicked up off of the wintery road.

-De-icing your problem.  We’ve all had it happen to us.  You get out to your car and the door is frozen shut.  Now usually you can pour warm water on it, but what if you’re somewhere without access to warm water? Make sure to have some de-icer on hand, but make sure it isn’t kept inside your car, because if the door is frozen shut, it’s not going to do you any good. Keep a bottle in your work desk or in your garage.

-You should always have an emergency kit, no matter what the season.  These are an absolute necessity for any driver, whether it’s 90 degrees outside, or nine degrees outside.  Especially for the winter months, make sure you have warmer provisions in your car, like a blanket and a pair of boots.

We hope these past few days of blogs have helped you understand the importance of preparing your car for winter driving.  Stay safe out there, and remember that Team Paradiso can handle any and all of your CT Insurance needs!