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The benefits of staying hydrated are numerous. Proper hydration has many health-related benefits such as improving your digestion, joints, circulation and muscles. During the hot summer season, you often have to make an extra effort to assure that you stay hydrated. The following tips can help you avoid the dangers associated with dehydration.

Drink plenty of fluids

The advice to “drink plenty of fluids” to stay hydrated should be followed with a qualifier that tells you what type of fluids to drink. Alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks are not what you need to drink to stay hydrated. Water and flavored water are ideal. Natural juices are also a good choice. With juice, you get the added benefit of obtaining some of the nutrients your body needs.


By choosing the right type of snacks, you can help prevent dehydration, satisfy your hunger and get some beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Watermelon and apple are two fantastic snack items because they contain a high amount of water. A salad with lots of fresh seasonal vegetables is a beneficial summer meal. Chia seeds can help you retain water that will help prevent dehydration.

Constant accessibility

It’s easy to become absorbed in your work, an exercise regimen or an enjoyable summer outing and forget to drink. Invest in some water bottles that you can keep at your desk, take with you on a walk, a bike ride or to your garden and all other places you go during the summer. A key factor in avoiding dehydration is to drinking steadily throughout the day, not just an occasional intervals.


If possible, avoid being outdoors during the midday hours when the temperature is at its highest. Schedule activities such as gardening, yard work and outdoor exercise for the early morning or late evening hours.