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The start of vivacious college years is a gateway into a new phase of life. With new beginnings, feelings like excitement, skepticism, responsibility, and adulthood realization are a norm. In the midst of preparing themselves to write a new chapter of their life, a significant feat of college life is left unattended by the students and their parents alike – the rental insurance. Where topics such as insurance lay neglected in front of new beginnings’ flamboyancy, rental insurance is pivotal and essential to look into. This will not only ensure that the experience of college is lived to its fullest – but – will also provide ease of mind in terms of monetary safety to both – the students and the parents alike.

Why “rental insurance” is an absolute must for college students!

College is a time of learning – academic and moral. During this time, people from various backgrounds are grouped and share the same living space and environments. Foolish acts – fueled by certain needs or sheer idiocy – aren’t uncommon. These acts include theft and damage to personal property.

Plus, college kids are new to adulthood and are learning the ropes of life. This makes them easy targets for people looking to harm their personal property.

All these factors combined make it imperative that parents and students alike take rental insurance into account to secure their future. Rental insurance is bound to make their college experience free of any unnecessary stress of “safeguarding” their belongings. They can focus on the more important things – their career and goals.

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What essential rental insurance covers:

While they may not realize it, college kids harbor various things, including electronics, furniture, sporting equipment, and clothes – worth thousands of dollars. Rental insurance isn’t nearly as expensive as these valuables. 

An essential rental insurance covers;

Making inconveniences convenient

Be it – a person injured in your rental space or lawsuits made against you when you unintentionally injure others or their property, your rental insurance has got you covered.

Ensuring livelihood

If, for any reason, you can’t live in your rental, your rental insurance will cover your housing and meal until you can get back to your primary accommodation.

Protects your personal property 

In case of a natural disaster, loss, or robbery, rental insurance will cover your damages. There are exceptions here such as floods, etc. yet, the pros outweigh these minimal cons by a considerable margin.

Why parents’ and landowner’s insurance don’t equal rental insurance 

If you’re attending college while renting a dorm, your parent’s insurance may cover your belongings; however, there are various cap-offs. This results in your personal property being rendered liable to any unforeseen circumstances. Second, if you live off-campus, rental insurance will save you big bucks in case of any mishaps as your landowner’s insurance extends only to the structure of the space you’re renting and not your belongings.

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How to buy rental insurance

Simple – by contacting your local independent insurance agent! Local independent agencies like Paradiso Insurance realize the spending cap-offs of college kids on top of their parents’ hefty dues. This is why at Paradiso Insurance, we shop around for you until we find the BEST coverage at the BEST price! Give us a call today at 860-684-5270 or click here to send us a message.

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