• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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So it’s pretty common knowledge that we at Paradiso Insurance take pride in our image as a reliable and trustworthy independent insurance agency. We are 100% committed to our Stafford Springs community, and do whatever we can to help those in need. But we also place a significant amount of time and effort in building relationships with other independent small Connecticut businesses, because we believe that when small businesses succeed together, the whole community, state, and nation can benefit.

That’s why we take the time every so often to recognize our new and current business partners.  Today we’d like to talk about a great payroll company in Avon, CT that we’ve recently teamed up with, and who we think can help your business take that next step or achieve that outstanding goal.  PayHub is such a company.  They can take care of your payroll and other processing services so that 1) you don’t have to, and 2) so you can get back to focusing on your business’s core strengths and practices.

So the moral of this story is simple: if you’re a business owner, no matter how big or small, and are looking for the perfect company to team up with for payroll and and processing services, then look no further than PayHub. We are so thrilled to have teamed up with this great company, and they’re over the moon to be partners with Team Paradiso.