Well we’re just into the second full week of June and that results in quite a few newly graduated young men and women from colleges and universities entering the working world.  After dealing with the headaches of moving out of the dorms and into new apartments or homes, there can be a few things that you may forget about, and one of them is your CT auto insurance!

Now is a great time to brush up on your auto policy because you’re driving habits are going to drastically change when you’re not simply driving to the movies or the mall.  You’re a real person now, waking up before the sun rises, like most adults do, and having to battle those same people on the commute to work everyday on major streets and highways.  You’re a new member of the exciting world of rush hour traffic!  Leisurely waking up at 11am and heading to the coffee shop when there are’not a lot of people on the roads is much different than leaving the house at 7:30am Monday through Friday and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for upwards of an hour! 

Now obviously hour long bumper to bumper traffic is probably worst case scenario, but you never know what the commute will be like!  So with these new driving times and destinations, your risk of an accident are going to likely increase.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your CT auto insurance is capable of covering everything in the event of an accident.