• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Hand writing safety first in red markerBuilding safety is one of the cornerstones of owning property successfully. A safe building that is upheld well leads to longer tenant occupancy periods and will lead you having a reputation as a better landlord. For those who are supporting a building where the business you own is operating, this is even more important because a good leader takes care of his or her people.

If you want to take a significant step toward ensuring a safe building this May (Building Safety Month), you can follow these great tips.

1. Take a Break

While it might sound sarcastic to say that if your people are not in the building, then no one can get hurt, there is proven evidence that taking the time to relax can help everyone.

This can be done by extending lunch into a 2-hour barbecue or having a pretzel cart come to the facility to providing an excellent treat for everyone.

2. Get on Social Media

Create a buzz about safety. Post videos, pictures, and posts. Even better, though, you can ask your team to come up with things to post. This will not only engage their creativity (which may reveal a hidden talent) but it will also make them more safety aware.

3. Offer Safety Awards

Ask your team to consider if there is something unsafe in the building. For anyone who notes a real hazard, fix it. If possible, let it be known that they were the ones who did this. For example, if there is a cracked step and it has been overlooked, repair the crack and consider naming the stairway after that person. It is the kind of recognition that will last.

You can make a real difference during Building Safety Month, and it won’t take much time or money, but it may very well help to prevent spending down the road.