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Recently our good friends at Team Primary told us
about an awesome fundraiser called Crayons for Cancer.  Crayons for Cancer is a
church sponsored fundraiser to help children with cancer.  The
fundraiser takes old, broken crayons and melts them down.  The liquid
crayon is then poured into molds of animals, hearts, stars, and other
cool shapes.  All of the proceeds go to help the children and their
families.  Here is their mission statement:


“Crayons for Cancer’s mission is to be passionately committed to helping
ease the financial burdens of families whose children are currently
suffering from the devastating effects of cancer.  Our goal is to raise
money by selling fun and cute-shaped crayons to replenish Family Funds
and Treasure Chests at children’s hospitals nationwide while teaching
children the value of helping others.  Our definition of a Family Fund
is a fund dedicated to helping families pay for expenses that health
insurance won’t cover, such as daily parking fees or much needed meals
from the hospital cafeteria for worn-out parents.  Our definition of a
Treasure Chest is a prize bin meant to serve as a small source of
encouragement where young patients go to choose prizes after enduring
tough chemotherapy/radiation sessions or blood tests.”