• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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‘Tis the season to be healthy! Too soon?

Well, no matter what time of year it is, your home should always feel
like a safe haven. In order to keep it this way, it is important to
keep it clean, cozy and protected with CT insurance. Need a few pointers?

Here are seven ways to create a healthier home environment:

#1: Clean it up. The more you clean your home from dust, dirt
and germs, the healthier it will be. A clutter-free home is also
healthier for the mind. Too much disorder is sure to create a stressful

#2: Have a plan. Make sure your entire family is aware of evacuation routes in your home.

#3: Tell pests to bug off. Having pesticides sprayed in and around your home is a good idea. If not, you may not like what you find!

#4: Boost air quality. Be sure to check your air quality
frequently in order to stay on top of the air you are consistently
breathing in. In order to keep the air dry, a dehumidifier is a great
machine to have.

#5: Go green. Finding ways to go green at home are a great way
to live healthier. This may mean making your own cleaning products and
saving on energy costs with a few changes here and there.

#6: Stay protected. Having reliable CT insurance is crucial at
home. A typical home insurance policy should cover the structure of
your home, additional living expenses, liability, replacement costs and
personal possessions.

#7: Keep it cozy. Your home should be comfortable and cozy for everyone. If it doesn’t feel like home, than there is a problem!

There are hundreds of ways to create a healthier home environment,
you just have to do a little research. It’s also important to look into
reliable CT insurance. There are millions of policies out there, so
which policy is right for you? Our experts at Paradiso Insurance can
help. We offer typical coverage packages as well as specialty coverage.
No one should have to worry about the unexpected at home!