• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Texting is such a recent thing, that if we had told you to stop texting while driving, you more than likely would have looked at us as if we had three heads.  No one texted on their cell phones, but with the recent advances in cell phone technology, you probably use your cell phone more for texting and checking email rather than making a phone call.  Now checking email or texting is normally harmless, but when you do it while driving, it can become deadly.  It has been a leading cause of auto accidents in recent years, and furthermore resulting in an increase in CTauto insurance rates.

 Our great state of Connecticut enacted the ban on cellphone use while driving more than five years ago, and that caused a great increase in traffic violations. Once more, police records reveal that these traffic violations have gender trends, resulting in men receiving 52 -54 percent of cell phone tickets, whereas women were found less likely to be using their phones in the car.

So hopefully that should dissuade you from using your phone in the car, but if you need more convincing,  there were 3,092 fatalities nationwide in 2010 due to distracted driving, 408 ofthose were directly caused by cell phone use.  So simply said, Put Down the Phone, and Drive With Care!