• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Now, unlike yesterday when we discussed auto insurance fraud, a homeowners’ fraud is vastly different, in that it’s pretty darn difficult to include an innocent victim in the fraud. But hey, I wouldn’t put it past a few folks, that’s for sure!

Where you could be a victim to Connecticut homeowners insurance fraud is if it’s claimed against your own home by an individual who uses a weakness about your home or it’s property to their advantage.  Say for instance you have something out in your back yard that can easily trip someone.  If a person falls on this tripping hazard and claims injury and demands insurance money, then chances are they’re trying to scam you.  So that’s one way!


Here’s a fun fact that will make you take a step back and think about: the US Chamber of Commerce states that fraud adds 25% to property and casualty insurance rates. So make sure you’re on the lookout for crazy people that are trying to get their hands on some quick and easy cash by ‘injuring’ themselves while conveniently being on your property.


I actually remember when I was younger, my mom always use to worry about kids playing in the yard and on the sidewalk because she thought someone would get hurt and an angry parent would demand some insurance money because their child was hurt on our property!  Now it seemed a little strange then, but now I know where she was coming from!