• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well it’s the day after Christmas and most of us are trying to relax and recover for another busy holiday season.  Hopefully you have the rest of this week off until after the first of the year, and if so, this is a very popular time for family vacations and travel.  But do you know how CT insurance can help you with making your travel much easier? 

There’s something called travel or trip insurance that can give you the peace of mind in knowing that is something goes wrong on your trip, or if it gets cancelled before you even walk out your front door, the money you spent for your trip won’t be completely lost.  Here are some common questions about travel coverage from CT insurance that we can answer for you:

-When should you get a policy? Any time you go on a long trip such as a cruise or tourist trip that requires a significant amount of money up front.  We’re talking thousands of dollars.

-What’s the coverage that’s offered? Basically, travel CT insurance refunds you if your trip needs to be cancelled due to immediate family illness, or if your mode of transport, such as airline, cruise line or tour guide company goes out of business. 

-So what’s it cost? Usually this type of coverage will be around five percent of the total cost of the trip.  And don’t purchase this from the travel company.  Always purchase from an outside source.  The travel firm’s insurance offer will only cover them, not you.

We hope you have a great break this week and if you’re traveling, be safe, be smart, and when in doubt, give Paradiso Insurance a call for any CT insurance needs or questions you may have!