• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Woman in convertible car smilingWe often talk about the dangers of driving erratically, but usually we simply group all drivers together.  However, the worst culprits of driving this way, especially distracted (like texting), are teen drivers.  Now while that probably doesn’t come as a shock to most of us, what should be a little surprising is the fact that Connecticut is only the 24th best state in the country for teen drivers.

This is factored by a host of factors, but all inclusively, the ranking translates into the amount of accidents among drivers aged 16-19 in each state.  No wonder this age group- the one with the least amount of of experience on the road- is the leader of auto accidents in the country.  But back to Connecticut.  If you recently received your license, or have a teen driver in the family, then you more than likely are aware of the strict driving laws that are in place in Connecticut to combat these accident-prone situation.

No wonder CT auto insurance for teen drivers is the highest of any driver category. Just think about it: driver from the age of 16-24 result in thirty percent of all car accidents in America, which isn’t even including high ct auto insurance premiums and traffic tickets for those who have a little led foot on them.

Aside from the slightly mediocre rating, the laws that Connecticut has in place has worked.  There was an almost sixty-five percent reduction of auto-related deaths amoung teenagers in the Nutmeg state, so clearly it’s working like it is suppose to.  So which state then has, according to the study, has the safest teen driving laws? It’s our rivals to the west, the Empire State- New York.