• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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When you think about the major insurance policies, like home, auto and life, the term ‘umbrella’  probably doesn’t enter your head. But if you’re “in the know,” then you’re aware that standard home and auto policies won’t always cover you for everything, and that’s where an umbrella will come in. 

CT umbrella insurance is a policy that covers you in case something were to happen and your home or auto policy cannot cover your full repair or rebuild costs. Umbrella coverage is an added protection that covers other policies underneath it, like home or auto insurance, or any other type of policy for that matter. The question remains though, just how much umbrella coverage do you require? Consider the following factors:

Are you well off? The more you’re worth, the more coverage you’ll need- plain and simple. 

Do you own a business? If the answer is yes, then your risk increases as well and you’ll need the extra coverage in case any losses or lawsuits come your way. 

Teen driver in the family now?  Teens are more accident-prone, this much is true.  With the extra risk, you’ll love that extra coverage. 

If you want to get the maximum amount of available coverage available, we’d suggest looking into a CT umbrella insurance policy.  Let ParadisoInsurance help you out with any of your insurance policy needs.