• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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You always hear about workers comp and how it helps out employees when they become injured while working.  It provides for them any loss income that may result from not working, as well as any medical bills associated with the injury.  But what’s also great about CT workers comp is that it’s just as beneficial for you the business owner as it is for your employees.

Think about it this way- you’re a new business owner who’s running a pretty successful company.  Revenues are steadily increasing and your reputation in the marketplace is continuing to improve. There’s one flaw in your business model though that outsiders don’t see- you forgo CT workers comp insurance because you don’t think it’s necessary in the early stages of your company’s life (also, forgoing comp coverage is actually breaking the law, so you’re hurting yourself both financially and legally, but that’s for another day and another blog).  

Well, one day one of your workers is helping move a new copy machine into the print room with a technician and throws her back out in the process.  Since she was at work, that liability falls onto you and your business, and so do her medical bills.  But you don’t have CT workers comp coverage.  Now all of that cost associated with caring for your injured employee is acting as a vacuum, sucking away any profits for that quarter.

All of this could have been avoided by a simple CT workers comp policy.  The coverage would have taken care of the costs of your employee’s medical expenses, and would ever cover your legal fees if a lawsuit were to occur.  Now hopefully that won’t happen to your business, but you never know! When it comes to CT insurance for businesses, you always want to be safe rather than sorry.