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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about what to get the special father in your life. What about giving something the whole family can make? Handmade gifts always hold more value when they come from the heart, so head to the craft store, and put your young ones to work on some of these great DIY Father’s Day gift ideas!


Crafty Cards

Nothing says I love you more than a handmade card from heart. If you’re up for the challenge purchase some painter’s or artist’s tape (typically blue) and cut out letters and shapes from strips of tape.

Next, get a piece of white paper or thick cardstock and use the painter’s tape to hold down the paper. It’s okay if the tape covers some of the paper. This will create a nice border! Next layout the shapes and lettering on the paper. You can use this to spell out things like “I love Dad” or “World’s Greatest Dad” with hearts around it. Once everything is firmly stuck to the paper, give your child some crayons and have them go to town! Once your child is done coloring the paper, gently lift the taped pieces and you’ll have a nice coloring with a blocked out message on top.

Taken from Solis Plus One

Additionally, don’t forget to fold the paper in half beforehand if you plan to write a message on the inside!

Another fun card you can make is by using your child’s hand. First, get some double sided cardstock (this will make it easier when you put it together) and trace your child’s hands on it. Cut them out of the card stock, then cut a strip of paper. Fold the piece of paper into halves or accordion style, so it can expand in and out. Next take some rub-on letters or stickers and spell out the words “this much” on the accordian strip. Finally, take one of the hand cut outs and spell out “I love you…” with the stickers. Then glue the ends of the paper strip to the middle of the hand cut outs and close the card. This will be a creative gift for dad to open on Father’s Day!

Office Decor

When dad’s at work nothing will make him smile more than to see the crafts his children made. So, why not make a sign to remind him of how great of a person he is? First, get some popsicle sticks (you’ll need small and large sticks) and twine string. Next get a hot glue gun and lay 4 large popsicle sticks horizontally together. Then take some of the twine string and glue it to the top of the sticks. Next, glue 3 small sticks vertically over the twine and the larger sticks on each side. When it dries, flip it over and glue 2 small sticks vertically on each side of the larger sticks. Finally, have your child write a special message on the front with crayon or marker. You can also let them glue on little objects that remind your child of dad, this will add another level of creativity to the gift.

Taken from Pink and Green Mama

Additionally, if you’re really looking for a great office gift, a coffee mug would be great for Father’s Day, but why not personalize it with your child’s hand or foot print? First, you’ll need some ceramic paint and a plain, white, ceramic mug. Next, cover your child’s hand or foot with an even layer of paint (make sure their foot or hand are completely clean first), then firmly press their foot or hand onto the mug, have them hold still so it won’t smudge! Next, gently and carefully remove their hand or foot and a print should appear on the mug. Put the mug down onto a baking sheet and wash the paint off your child. Finally, put the mug into the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. Make sure the oven isn’t preheated before you can begin to bake though, this can cause the mug to break or crack if it is heated too quickly. However, when everything is set and done, Dad will have a mug with a permanent print on it.

Bedside Breakfast

This is a DIY Father’s Day gift that every dad will love! Let dad sleep in while you and the kids do all the cooking. The day beforehand, tell your children the plan to make an awesome breakfast, and of course, let them know they have to keep it a secret! Once you’ve decided what to make, have your kids help you pick out the special ingredients for the big day.


Not sure what to make? There are plenty of kid friendly recipes out there. You’ll have to be in charge of cooking the eggs and bacon, but Cowboy Breakfast Bowls offer a quick and easy way to pack a lot of flavor and variety into breakfast. Plus, you just have to throw everything into a bowl and add some spices, no complicated presentation required. However, if you think dad’s looking for something a little different, try these Breakfast Quesadillas. These require a little more organization, but hold a lot of flavor. Plus, you can add dad’s favorite veggies to this dish like peppers or tomatoes!

DIY Beard Oil

Looking for another idea for Father’s Day? A lot of our dads out there have some awesome beards going, so we asked the professionals what the perfect present would be if that were the case. Introducing DIY beard oil from our friends at WiseBeards, the guide to manly looks & life. You can trust us when we say that any dad with a sophisticated beard will love DIY home made beard oil, and this is the ultimate guide to the best DIY beard oil in the business:

So, now that you may have a few ideas, make sure to start a plan with your kids so this Father’s Day is the most perfect one yet.