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If you drive a car on the road, the chances are high that you have an auto insurance policy to protect yourself and your vehicle in case of an accident. However, what happens if you get into a car accident and it’s not your fault? If the other driver doesn’t carry any type of liability coverage, then they could be sued for damages. However, even if the court orders them to pay for your damages, and they don’t have that much money, then you may not get compensated at all. This is where Uninsured or Under-insured Motorist insurance comes in handy. Let’s see what it is and why you should need one:

What’s Uninsured Motorist Insurance:

Uninsured motorist insurance can help pay for expenses such as medical bills from injuries sustained in an accident caused by another person who is at fault but has no insurance or insufficient coverage to pay. Things like property damage from vandalized vehicles, lost wages when injured victims cannot work, and funeral costs, if the other driver is at fault for a fatality, can be paid for with uninsured motorist coverage.

Uninsured motorist insurance also protects you in case of accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers, as well as hit-and-run motorists who flee the scene after an accident. This kind of coverage pays out whether your car was involved in an intentional act or not. Uninsured motorists coverage is often bundled with your own liability insurance in most states, but it’s important to check the fine print of your policy.

Some Common Reasons for Getting Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

There are several reasons you may need uninsured motorist protection when getting auto insurance: 

  • You drive another person’s car and don’t have their permission to do so. You want this type of coverage in case there is an accident while driving the car. 
  • Your vehicle has been vandalized, but you don’t know who did it or why they did it. You want this type of coverage to pay for repairs if your insurance company can find out who was responsible and sue them for damages.
  • You are involved in a hit-and-run accident. You want this coverage because the other driver cannot be found, and you would like to rebuild your car even if you can’t find out who was responsible for damaging it in the first place.
  • You are involved in an accident caused by a drunk or reckless driver and need compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • You are at fault for an accident, but the other driver is also uninsured or underinsured. You want this coverage so you can still be compensated if your insurance company pays out less than what you need to pay your bills or rebuild your car after it has been totaled in a crash with another vehicle that was driven by someone who didn’t have insurance.

Wrapping Up:

If you still have any questions or doubts left regarding whether or not you need uninsured motorist insurance, then feel free to dial (860) 684-5270 to talk to the experts at Paradiso Insurance. We’ll help you make the right decision.