• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Today, we’re taking a turn in a different direction that I believe we haven’t in quite some time.  Yes, we talk about home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance and business insurance, but have you ever thought about the insurance coverage required for someone like a veterinarian? You’d be surprised to see how much coverage a business/doctor’s office like that needs!

First and foremost, the vet’s office is just like a human doctor office, only with animals, but that doesn’t change the liability issues! They have to deal with the same malpractice, regulation, and liabilities as any other person in the medical profession, so that’s why they need stellar CT insurance!

Secondly, it’s a business, so obviously they have responsibilities to the owners of the pets that they care for.  But also they have to make sure that the staff is taken care of from an insurance prospective, and furthermore have  workers comp claims or other similar liability issues to deal with, just like any other business.

So, as always, it always boils down to insurance coverage.  Taking care of animals, although different than caring for people like you and me, still comes with the same insurance needs like any other business. If you have any other questions about insurance for veterinarians, or any other CT insurance questions, you know who to call!