• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We often hear about the threats to your home like weather and theft, but we often forget about a ‘growing’ problem that could be right under your nose, and you have no idea it’s there. We’re talking about mold people! Mold can ruin your home’s infrastructure as well as cause health issues with you and your family.  Moreover, if you find that mold has grown beneath the floors of your living room or kitchen, then you’re in the running for a pretty lengthy CT homeowners insurance claim.

Once more, spring is right around the corner (yes, we’re even saying that with the snow storm coming), and with spring arrives large amounts of moisture that love to make a home in yours.  No matter what the calendar says, according to the EPA, mold can grow and be present anywhere, so that’s why you need to be on the lookout. 

Take a look at this video provided to us by our good friends over at Rough Notes:


So we hope that this blog was as enjoyable as a blog could be about mold.  If you find yourself with a mold problem and aren’t sure what to do or how it effects your CT homeowners insurance, give Team Paradiso a call today!