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As summer break comes to an end, you aren’t the only one who has to readjust to a new routine. Your children may have become a bit accustomed to a laid-back schedule. However, they need structure in order to be successful for the new school year.

Here’s how you can help your kids ease into their school routine.

1. Regulate bedtimes.

To make the first day of school be a successful one, your children need sleep. On average, adults need anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep a night; your kids, however, need much more. Therefore, when choosing the appropriate time for bed, don’t go by your own bedtime. Make sure to set bedtimes based on what is appropriate for your children’s age group.

When kids don’t get enough sleep they actually become overactive, which isn’t good when they’re at school. Be sure to start regulating your children’s bedtime at least one week before classes begin. This is the best way to ease your children back into their school routine.

2. Change wake times.

Besides going to bed earlier, your children will also need to adjust to waking up much earlier. Similar to bedtimes, be sure to start setting alarms a week or two in advance to prepare for the first day of school. To set the appropriate time they should wake up, factor in things like getting dressed, having breakfast, and catching the bus. Your family should have enough time to get ready without rushing around in the morning, so plan accordingly.

3. Limit sugary snacks and drinks.

While taking the kids out for ice cream on a hot day may seem like a good idea, it’s important to start limiting their sugar intake around this time of year. Too much sugar, especially before bedtime, can cause their energy to spike. Plus, sugar can also cause serious behavioral problems, making it harder for your child to focus when at school.

If you were lenient this summer about your child’s diet, now is the time to start enforcing a healthier diet to get them back into a school routine. Children need healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and if you’re in need of some inspiration, check out this article on healthy lunches your kids will enjoy at school.

4. Limit screen time.

If your child is having trouble going to sleep or even staying asleep, their devices may be to blame. Smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers can be huge distractions.

Not to mention, the blue light emitted from many modern day devices can actually disrupt the body’s natural flow of melatonin, a hormone needed to help people sleep and stay asleep. If your child does need to use a device before bed for a project or homework purposes, consider installing a blue light filter which can protect their sensitive eyes and keep their sleep cycle normal.

By being prepared and easing into a suitable schedule, your kids will start the school year right.

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