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The summer months are finally here and that means it’s time to uncover those convertibles, American hot rods and turbo-charged imports!  There’s nothing quiet like cruising down the winding roads of rural America with the music playing and your hair flying in the breeze.   Cars are a true passion for many Americans, but as President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “with great power come great responsibility.” Every car must have insurance, just as it needs fuel and oil.

Even though car insurance can be pricey for new drivers, especially young teens, here are some tips for safe driving to lessen your chance of an accident and subsequently lower your insurance costs.

  2. Don’t Speed
  3. Avoid Distractions
  4. Stay Awake and don’t doze off
  5. Always wear your seat belt
  6. Use extra caution in inclement weather
  7. Don’t follow the car in front of you too closely
  8. Watch out for the other drivers on the road
  9. Be a Defensive Driver
  10. Keep your vehicle safe and maintained

Luckily, Americans are becoming safer drivers due to safer cars and public awareness of safer driving habits. The U.S. logged the lowest accident fatality rate ever recorded in 2008, however 37,000 deaths from almost 6 million accidents is still an incredible statistic.  Even if you practice the safest driving habits possible, there is still a risk that the driver next to you isn’t as safe a driver.  Make sure your Connecticut auto insurance has you and the drivers in your family covered. Come down to talk with an expert at Paradiso Insurance today. 860.684.5270