• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Okay, it’s February first, and the temperature is reaching almost 60 degrees! This means one thing- you should be thinking about flood insurance!! Usually we wouldn’t be talking about CT flood insurance for another couple of months, but can we really ignore this incredibly warm winter we’ve had thus far??

The reason why flood insurance is on the table so soon, besides the warm weather outside today, is because if you’re looking into a flood insurance policy, there’s a thirty day waiting period for all none- loan flood insurance policies.  So if you’re one of these people and are feeling that now is a better time than any to invest in flood insurance, get the ball rolling immediately!

We haven’t had much snow down in southern New England, however there’s snow up North in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  What does this mean for us in Connecticut though? It means that the snow up north may melt sooner than we expect, which will cause our rivers to flood earlier, and thus possible flood your area and neighborhood as well.  This is why it’s so important, due to our unseasonably warm winter, to look into a CT flood insurance policy today!