• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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2c-CoupleLookingAtHouse-stockxpertcom_id560687_jpg_f130ed0e279265034286b9675374b040-300x200.jpg']With all of the recent natural disasters that have occurred throughout the United States, there’s one thing that certainly going to be affected- homeowners insurance.  Whether it’s the hurricanes on the East coast, the sinkholes in the South, the blizzards in the North East, or the tornadoes in the Mid-West, these storms that Mother Nature are throwing at us are causing homeowners throughout the country,including us here in Connecticut, to experience some increased costs.

In its simplest terms, we as a nation have experienced a far steadier stream of serve storms, and subsequent losses, then have been forecast by the insurance companies, causing some serious financial strain.  Not only is this bad for the insurance company, but it’s also bad for the common CT homeowners insurance customer,who may see their rates increase.

Remember, the cost of homeowners insurance is not simply the premiums which you pay upfront. It’s also the cost that you expend when a claim were to occur, due to a deductible or simply a gap in your coverage. What’s that mean? Well say you only have CT homeowners insurance for up to $150,000, but your claim is upwards of $200,000, then that difference is up to you- unless you have an umbrella policy in which you’re all set then.

So how then can you reduce as much as possible the personal costs at claim time? Well that’s easy. You need to shop around, just like when you make any other large investment.  Looking for a new big screen tv? Obviously you’d do some research on the best model, and where you can get it for the best price.  Same thing goes for insurance.  The real make or break in this whole scenario though is finding the right agent who will be there day or night, working for you to ensure that you and your family are taken care of, and that your policy provides you with the right coverage you need. That’s who we are at Paradiso Insurance, and we’ll never stop fighting for our customers!You make us who we are!