• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Our first legit snow storm has come…and gone… but it seems as though one part of the storm just won’t go away just yet- the bone chilling cold. I mean it’s really, really cold outside.  It’s the kind of cold that cuts right through you, no matter how many layers you may be wearing at the time.  Combine these frigid temps with the whipping wind and snow squalls, and you’ve got some seriously nasty winter weather.

Being from New England, this isn’t anything new by my or any other native’s standards, but nevertheless, it’s really cold outside, so I’m just going to stay put in my house where it’s a comfortable 70 degrees.  But if you must venture outside today (and tomorrow as well, it’s suppose to be even colder!), there’s some things that you should definitely be aware of and of course some things that you should and should not do.  They include:

  1. Make sure all of your furry friends are indoors and NOT outside! They could literally freeze.
  2. As much as you might be attached to your grill (as I am) don’t bring it inside to protect it from the cold.  Trust me, it’s fine out there, but if you bring it indoors, then that’s a serious carbon monoxide risk and could easily lead to CT health insurance issues.
  3. Check that heating oil gauge- make sure you can make it through the storm without suffering heat issues
  4. If you unfortunately have to deal with frozen pipes, DO NOT use an open flame to thaw them out. Instead use a hair dryer or a hot water- drenched towel.
  5. As annoying as it may sound, leave the faucets slightly dripping to make sure the pipes don’t freeze.
  6. And this may be common sense, but please don’t use your oven as a heat source- you’re just asking for trouble

A special shout out to our friends at Channel 3 in Hartford for these above tips.  Stay inside today and tomorrow as much as you can, and we’ll ride out this Arctic weather together!