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If you follow Paradiso Insurance pretty regularly on social media, you probably know how active we are in our community – from giving back to our schools to helping veterans. We care about a variety of causes. However, Rachel, Chris’s sister, has a pretty big impact about what our insurance agency stands for, therefore, supporting individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities is part of who we are. In fact, this video “Not Special Needs” really hit home for us.

Even though this video focuses primarily on individuals with Down syndrome, the message is still the same. People with disabilities, really require the same needs we all do: love, compassion, respect, and understanding.

These needs are exactly why we made a big push earlier in the year to get many of our followers to rally for the rights of these individuals in Hartford, CT for Family Hearing Day. Family Hearing Day is a huge event for families and friends to stand up for those who may not ultimately have a voice.

Additionally, our magazine campaign turned out to be a huge success. Many people, agents, and clients supported our magazine, Be the Last Agent Standing. This magazine was the first we have ever published and all of the profits went right to charity, Journey Found to be exact.

Journey Found is a non-profit organization in Manchester, CT that provides behavioral and residential support to individuals who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. In fact, Rachel receives support here and has become an active member of her community. Journey Found has even given her the ability to participate in a variety of events and even was featured on the news.

This May, Journey Found is hosting a 5k run/walk in Nevers Park, South Windsor, CT. The race starts at 9:00 AM and will take place Sunday, May 21, 2017. You can register to run online or become a sponsor of the race. Our insurance agency would appreciate it if you ran for Rachel and other individuals who need support. To learn more about this race, feel free to contact Monica Carr at 860-643-9844 ext. 137.

Of course, if you’re not in the local area or are unable to make it, you can always send Journey Found a donation. Journey Found is non-profit organization, therefore they rely on the charitable acts of others to support their staff and the individuals housed there.

The Special Olympics has also been another huge part of Rachel’s life. Rachel has participated in various events and won medals for her hard work. The Special Olympics is a worldwide event that hosts seasonal games around the world. This June, the Summer Games in Connecticut takes place on June 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Additionally, activities such as, aquatics, athletics, cycling, soccer, tennis, and triathlon competitions are open for athletes to participate in. Athletes are also able to receive free health screenings and engage in fitness activities. Volunteers and coaches are needed for these events, therefore, if you can spare some of your time why not make someone’s day by helping them compete?

Of course, if you can’t be there, donations are another way to help this wonderful cause. Donations help to provide training, gear, and other necessities to individuals who would like to participate in the Special Olympics.


Spread the word and get your local community involved to support wonderful individuals like Rachel.