• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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It seems as though where ever you go now, you can’t avoid hearing the phrase ‘gluten-free.’  While many of Americans, around one percent of the population, suffer from celiac disease which makes them unable to eat gluten products such as grains, rye and barley, there seems to be a growing trend of gluten-free diets among those without celiac, in order to loose weight. 

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Now it sounds like a great thing to trade in the bread and other grains for more protein and vegetables, what many people fail to realize is that if they cut gluten out completely, they will be significantly lacking other essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, which in turn could make your health worse of and furthermore possibly cause you to use your CT insurance for health reasons.  If you are going to do a gluten free diet, then you need to have the knowledge and understanding to know where you can make up for the nutrients you will cut out by eliminating gluten from your diet.  

The reason why many of us see the gluten free diet as a healthy option for weight loss is that often those who practice gluten free must cut out almost all sweets and junk food, often replacing them with fruits and vegetables.  Obviously anyone that does this, gluten-free or not, will experience better health and wellness. Make sure that if you’re going to try a gluten-free diet that you run it by your family doctor and be fully prepare to supplement the lost nutrients though other healthy foods.  

We at Paradiso Insurance wish that everyone make smart and healthy decisions in order to live happy and healthy lives.  Those that do so are usually great CT insurance customers, so it’s a win-win for everyone!