• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We seem to always discuss the ways in which a loss can occur.  Whether its a car that’s totaled from an accident, a roof that needs replacing after a brutal winter, or an office fire that has the business out of commission for a couple weeks, insurance topics usually discuss these types of occurrences known as direct loss.  But what about indirect loss for a business? What’s that all about?


While we could describe to you the ins and outs of indirect loss and what it means, we’ll save you the exciting details (sarcasm?) and instead let you watch this great video that our friends at Rough Notes have provided us. We hope you enjoy it!


As you can see, suffering an indirect loss can be just as devastating to your business as a direct loss.  That’s why have this type of coverage in conjunction with your Hartford Business Insurance is a must for any business owner.  We here at Paradiso Insurance want all of our partnered businesses to succeed, and we want to help them do so by any means necessary.  With this type of coverage, we believe that any business can be successful, without having to worry about an indirect loss closing your doors for good. So give Team Paradiso a call today to make sure your business is fully covered!